We offer windsurfing and sailing tuition with our boats to all levels individuals and groups. Tuition sessions are available for any age, from kids 4 years up to their grandfathers and grandmothers... All entry level students wear life vests and water shoes. We have trained instructors for the following sports:

  • Windsurfing 
  • Sailing 
  • Stand Up Paddling 
  • Wakeboarding/Waterskiing 

Velipoje beach is an ideal spot to learn and progress windsurfing or sailing. The well protected bay, sandy coast, shallow and warm waters, and more important, steady light winds in the mornings or sunsets, with stronger winds during the mid-day to afternoon hours, are ideal conditions to learn and progress windsurfing and sailing with our equipment.

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Whether you've never ever windsurfed or you're ready to learn to loop, we will put you on your way to success in a fun, friendly, and unintimidating environment. Big boards and small sails will have you sailing out and back on your first lesson. Learn the basics of sail trim, board steering, and turning around in your first lesson. Your lesson starts with a brief orientation on the beach, in the water your instructor will teach you to steer and turn around and sail in before you sail out. Stable boards, easy to handle sail, and good instruction equal immediate success. All absolute beginners, with appropriate training provided, are able to ride in the water alone by themselves within the very first day of tuition.


With the sailboats start with the small boats, Optimists are the perfect ones and progress gradually with larger boats...

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Our courses are intended for those persons that are new to this sport and are willing to learn the first basic steps to become  windsurfers or sailors.The beginners windsurfing courses entitle you to have the opportunity to learn how to windsurf and advance your windsurfing skills in a unique international, professional and friendly atmosphere.You will learn everything worth knowing about windsurfing, obtain windsurfing skills and you can be sure of discovering a deep and lasting passion for windsurfing.

The windsurfing training courses and training sessions have been created following many years of experience.You will learn about equipment and safety, wind direction, correct sailing stance, starting, board control and basic sailing. In no time at all you will be on the water sailing alongside your instructor in the safety of the bay. Once you have mastered the basics you will progress onto steering, tacking, jibing, upwind riding and intermediate moves - Heli Tack among others.

Long Board Sailing is a great way to learn new maneuvers, such as beach starts, harnessing, tacking, and jibing. Learning these skills on a big board will help you master them on your short board. Long board sailing lessons are held every morning and afternoon. Practice your jibe on these stable boards, and learning to jibe a short board will be significantly easier.

Mastering water starts is the ticket to riding a short board. Once you achieve this challenging maneuver, you'll wonder why it was so hard to learn. Working with an instructor is highly recommended, as you will receive help rigging and tuning your gear, if it is needed. Then your lesson will start on the beach, where you will practice segments of the waterstart.

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There is a substantial leap in your learning curve when you complete more jibes than you miss. Falling at the end of a run means wrestling the sail out of the water, burning calories, and losing time; important commodities that you could have been spent getting upwind or setting up for your next jibe or wave ride. Completing your jibe almost doubles your sailing and learning time.


Q&A about windsurfing:

For who is the sport suitable?
For everyone who has fun with movement and action.

What do I need to learn windsurfing?
You are more than 7 years old, you can swim and you have fun in sports!

How can I learn windsurfing?
The quickest and most successful way you will learn windsurfing is with a educated windsurf instructor.
Search a Windsurf school of your choice, and register yourself for a windsurf beginner course.

Is windsufing difficult?
No, if your choose the right spot, material and a good windsurfing instructor! And if you also bring your own ambition and will, then it’s easy to learn windsurfing. We provide you with all you need for this purpose.

Is windsurfing dangerous?
No, windsurfing isn’t dangerous. During your course you will deal with the possible dangers, and you will learn what to do in emergency situations. Windsurfing is one of the sports with the less injuries.

Which spots are suitable for windsurf beginners?
Most suitable spots with flatwater, with not many waves, without shore breaks. Velipoje has these advantages!

How quickly can I learn windsurfing?
The first success you will see within a few hours. After finishing the beginner course you will have the skills to drive straight independently, to turn, to drive back to the starting point, and to move you safety on the water.

What is the training for a windsurf course?
After a short theoretical introduction on the beach, about the material, weather, water and wind, you can go directly on the water!
There you will learn to drive straight and to turn. Later on you will learn to control, turn, jibe, beachstart and to drive with a harness!

What do I need, what should I bring with me?
Swimwear is sufficient, wetsuit and surfshoes for protection against cold and injury, you will get from us.

What kind of surf material do I need?
It’s very important to use beginner surf material, it means special boards for beginners which are particularly stable, and light sails, to learn the tecnique easy with little power as possible.The right material you will get provided during your course

Should I buy my own surf equipment after the course?
No, you don’t need your own equipment, you rent the windsurf material on each windsurf center worldwide. Often they offer also special beginner material to rent!

Can I rent material after the course?
Yes of course, you can rent special beginner material!